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Natural and renewable fibre proven by nature


<< perfect for every activity and all seasons >>

We choose Merino wool because it’s perfect for every activity and all seasons. And it has some unique qualities superior to any other fibres.

It’s thinner than regular wool – making it softer and gentle to skin. At Hajk we use only non-mulesed Merino wool produced in Australia and South America.

Merino Wool is a natural and renewable fibre grown by the Merino sheep.

Wool is one of the most reused and recycled fibres in relation to virgin fibre supply. It’s also biodegradable and disappears back into the earth after about 12 months in the ground.

It’s circular

Merino wool is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. So, it helps you stay warm in cold temperatures and cool when the weather is hot.

Regulates your

body temperature


Did you know that a Merino wool fibre is only ½ the diameter of a human hair? It’s so gentle and soft that when it brushes up against your skin, it bends out of the way.

It’s soft on skin


Merino wool is one of the most breathable fibres and can easily absorb a lot of water and release it into the air.

Helps you stay dry

Wool is considered self-cleaning and tends to stay fresher for longer when compared with other fibres. That means less washing and more time to enjoy the everyday.

Dirt repellent &

odour resistant

Eye, Font

unique qualities superior to any other fibres

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