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We had a chat with Alexander Hall, a Hajk ambassador, an outdoor enthusiast, and a photographer, about his passion for the outdoors and his recent adventure to the High Coast in Ångermanland, Sweden.

The High Coast is a coastal area located in north eastern part of Sweden. Alexander spent his time hiking up Skuleberget, a mountain in the northern parts of the High Coast.

Where does your outdoor enthusiasm come from?

I climbed Kebnekaise a few years back and really got hooked on the outdoor stage. That kind of kicked it off. The energy and wellbeing I feel after spending time outdoors is unbeatable. To combine the outdoors with my passion for photography is amazing and has now become a lifestyle.

What put the High Coast on your map?

I have a personal goal to try to visit all of Sweden's national parks before I turn 35. Not sure if I will make it, but that does not really matter. It is the journey that counts.

How would you describe Skuleberget?

The environment along the trail varies a lot. It shifts between deep forest, mountain tops, sandy beaches, steep cliffs, and green meadows. Views you simply will never forget and surroundings that will constantly amaze you. Reaching the top is truly amazing.

What would you say to people thinking about visiting the High Coast for a hike?

It is a great entry level hike. Of course, you could make it more challenging but there is really no need, you will get the most out of it either way. You do not need to spend too much time on research or use hardcore equipment to have a wonderful experience. I can highly recommend it.

Thanks for sharing Alexander. We hope you reach your goal and make it to all national parks before turning 35!